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Latest news

March/April19 natural gas…

From barchart.com, the 2019 March/April natural gas spread (also known as “the widowmaker”) didn’t disappoint:

Next OPEC Headache is Brazil… Bloomberg

Here are Sabrina Valle and Javier Blas, Bloomberg: “Brazil has disappointed in the past, with output growth coming far below expectations because

Palladium Smashes $1,500… Bloomberg

Ranjeetha Pakiam, Bloomberg, looks at the bull market in palladium, here: ”Palladium surged above $1,500 an ounce to a record, extending a powerful

Electric-Car Metals… WSJ

Amrith Ramkumar, Wall Street Journal, writes about the decline in lithium and cobalt prices, here.. ”The descent in both markets is a reversal from

Negative Yields Mount in Europe… WSJ

Here is Daniel Kruger, Wall Street Journal: ”Negative-yielding government bonds outstanding through mid-January have risen 21% since October,

The EIA adds new play production data…

Trying to hit a constantly moving target, this is from the EIA’s Today in Energy, here: ”The most productive of the newly added plays is the