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Latest news

Carbon pricing, risk… Bloomberg

Will Mathis, Bloomberg, writes about a trader’s long term experience in the EU’s emissions market, here… I especially liked the Risk Don’t (apologies

Options update…

Oct/Nov +$3.00 calendar spread calls traded 2,000x yesterday, settling at $.02…. Oct/Nov is around $.60…

Who knows?… Slate

Jordan Ellenberg, Slate, on who to listen to, here… Now I’m old, I’m 30, and I started to realise that all those people who say they know, they

Options update…

A rare sighting of a strike trading over 10,000x… That would be the Sep 80 call with 10,148 trading, expires on August 17th… Vol declined by a point

Jet fuel stocks… EIA

From the EIA’s This Week in Petroleum (my bold): “Increasing U.S. air travel since the beginning of 2021 has contributed to increases in demand for