Edward Meir, Andrew Lebow, James Colburn

CRG founder Edward Meir (front), Andrew Lebow (rear left), James Colburn (rear right)

Commodity Research Group (CRG), founded by veteran analyst Edward Meir, is an independent research consultancy specializing in base and precious metals, as well energy products. The Group provides research and general price analysis for these markets, along with advice to companies seeking to construct hedging strategies.

Commodities are an essential component of the global economic fabric, and so there will always be a need for people to either use, trade, hedge or speculate in them.

"I have been in the commodities business both as trader and an analyst for more than 30 years, as have my colleagues," says Meir. "During this time, we have seen lots of cycles come and go, not to mention profound changes that have uprooted the industry. When I first started in the business, (hidden behind a chunky terminal and mounds of paper), commodity research consisted of analyzing basic supply and demand data".

Things have changed, according to Meir. While supply and demand trends are still important, they have become less influential and even irrelevant at times. In their place, an array of other variables have emerged, making commodity price analysis a multifaceted and complex

These variables include: currency movements, trends in other markets that have spill-over impact on the market being studied, fund flows, high frequency traders, ETFs, growing emerging market demand and arbitrage situations created by dozens of global exchanges. Of course, all this is topped off by a technology revolution that has truly been transformational in nature, increasing transparency and speed, while making trading and analysis a 24-hour undertaking.

"Despite the massive changes in the business and rather difficult market conditions for the past few years, we have a special affinity towards commodities", Meir says. "Unlike other financial instruments, many of which fade after they have had their day in the sun, commodities are an essential component of the global economic fabric, and so there will always be a need for people to either use, trade, hedge or speculate in them".

This is where CRG comes in. Our associates bring decades of experience to the table, as they seek to help our clients understand the markets. CRG will distill the myriad of pricing variables mentioned above into coherent research that is to-the-point and tailored to a clients hedging or pricing needs. In addition, CRG is available for consulting assignments and speaking engagements. CRG does not manage money or trade for itself.

With that, we invite interested parties to contact us so that we can explore possible synergies. Please write us at commresgroup@gmail.com for more information.

Note: Since 2011, CRG has been retained by INTL FCStone as an independent research consultant for both base and precious metals, having provided similar services to MF Global (including energy) for a period of eight years through 2011. The firm is a member in good standing with the National Futures Association and is registered as an independent introducing broker.