Power Companies to Stick With Plans… WSJ

by Jim Colburn • Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Tim Puko, of the Wall Street Journal, has a nice piece on how some power companies expect to deal With Trump administration’s plans to roll back Obama-era environmental rules here….

“This will not change our planning process,” a spokesman at Southern Co. said of the EPA’s move on Tuesday.

The same is true at American Electric Power, once one of the country’s biggest producers of coal-fired power. Just over a decade ago 70% of its power came from coal, and now that number is at 47%, the company’s chief executive, Nick Akins, said in an interview. The company has reduced carbon-dioxide emissions by a third in that span, it said.

The company said this summer it would spend $4.5 billion to develop one of the largest wind farms in the U.S. and a related 350-mile transmission line. Markets encouraged that decision and others like it, not federal policy, Mr. Akins said.

“That course will not change,” he added. “Clearly our shareholders and customers expect a clean-energy economy.”“


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